Discover our “Massage in Room” service

Did you have a long day at work or a beautiful but tiring city walk? Whatever the reason, you can enjoy a complete relaxation in the comfort of your room.

We invite you to discover the different treatments.

Some of our relaxation proposals:


Luxury Massage (80 min)

Experience whole-body relaxation, therapy that combines relaxation techniques ranging from head to toe using oils aromatizing.


“Essential” Back, Face and Scalp (30 – 50 min)

This treatment was created to act in the main stress zones. Thus, the treatment influences the back, neck, shoulders and head, using a relaxing mixture of aromas that releases the accumulated tension. Followed by a face massage, by pressure points, intended to rejuvenate the skin of the face and relax the body and mind.


“Jet Lag” Attenuator (30-50-80 min)

It helps to balance energy levels, reactivating the senses and restoring the lucidity necessary to better withstand a working day or to achieve greater relaxation after the long journey.


Relaxing and Decontracting (30-50-80 min)

Ideal for those who play sports or for whom they make a lot of physical effort. It helps to relieve muscle aches and contractures, revitalizing the muscles.


Lymphatic Drainage – 50-80 MIN

A specific treatment that stimulates circulation and lymphatic system, indicated for those who have circulatory problems, fluid retention, cellulite and as rehabilitation in the postoperative period. Very gentle and relaxing massage technique. Ideal after touring the city.


Rates for any of the techniques

30 Min: $1390

50 Min: $1690

60 Min: $2190

80 Min: $2590


Final rates expressed in Argentine pesos. Subject to modification.


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