Tango Show

What is the best tango show in Buenos Aires?, what a difficult question to answer. We could say that there are as many answers as people on Earth. Tango is one and a thousand at a time, it is multifaceted like the city of Buenos Aires. It is spontaneous, in fact the real tango has no choreography, it is a follow-up of steps that the man indicates to his partner almost telepathically. It’s just that tango has magic. And it also has stories: that of Buenos Aires; La Boca and other wards; unrequited love; deception; abandonment; Gardel’s, Piazzolla’s, and other great…

Tango is pure mystique and let us agree that no one can say for sure that he knew Buenos Aires if he did not vibrate with the melancholy sound of a bandoneon.

This is our selection of tango shows, each with its own characteristics, none equal to the other. All recommended. I chose according to your preferences.